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    How our Advanced Distribution Management System optimizes Italy’s distribution network

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    • Enel case study Empowering a bright, connected future

      With more and more variable renewable energy sources, Enel has updated their grid management system to meet tomorrow’s needs, while improving quality of service and reliability.

      The challenge

      With global warming on the rise and an ever-increasing understanding of the energy business’ impact on our environment, the switch to renewable energies is one of the big priorities of this century.

      Increased demand coupled with limited production, and growing regulatory and customer pressure for reliability and reduced carbon emissions, make energy distribution more challenging than ever before.

      In the midst of this profound paradigm shift, how did Enel, the largest electricity distributor in Italy, adapt its grid for efficiency to fully benefit from green energies and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050?


      The solution

      A smart grid capable of making the best of all the data gathered on all systems to flexibly adapt and dynamically balance supply and demand.

      Enel used our Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) to provide a visual, mathematical model of its distribution network, including detailed models for voltage management, distributed generation, frequency control, demand response, and other smart grid management data.

      ADMS is a real-time solution that provides complete functionality for the planning, operation, simulation and analysis of a utility’s distribution system.

      Equipped with a comprehensive, versatile set of tools, ADMS helps utilities with complex networks, like Enel’s, minimize interruptions and energy losses. It allows Enel compile all data collected on its existing systems into smart central system, analyze it, and suggest the best course of action.

      'The fact that we were able to integrate Schneider Electric’s ADMS with our existing systems, in particular the SCADA system has proven to be one of the best features yet.'
      * Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
      In charge of innovative network technologies at Enel Distribuzione

      Key Facts

      • Optimization of existing networks with no further investments.
      • More than 40% of Italy’s energy is now renewable.
      • With ADMS, the estimated energy savings are about 144 GWh per year.
      • CO2 emissions have been reduced by 75,000t CO2 per year.
      • Green energies can be implemented at a much lower social and operational cost.

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