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    Modernizing an airport’s electrical distribution from parking to departure without delays.

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    • Taking to the skies Geneva Airport case study

      Modernizing an airport’s electrical distribution - from parking to departure - without delays

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      The challenge

      Geneva Airport has been growing in size and structure for years. The second largest airport in Switzerland, it prides itself on providing an enjoyable, efficient travel experience for its visitors. However, an influx of passengers has made it necessary to expand the airport. Find out how Geneva Airport has upgraded its electrical distribution system, while maintaining high-quality, seamless service. 
      As a world-class international airport, with only one runway, Geneva Airport serves 15 million passengers every year, and the numbers are expected to rise to over 25 million by 2030. This increase in traffic makes it essential to preserve the quality of the passenger experience at the airport. Smaller airports generally tend to be more efficient due to smaller volumes of traffic, whereas larger airports contain more advanced facilities. So far, Geneva Airport has proved to be an exception to the rule. Amidst extensive expansion, it has preserved its responsive and efficient quality of service, drawing a larger, international passenger base.
      To accommodate its growing demand, Geneva Airport has been upgrading its infrastructure, and renovating its terminals, cargo holds and hangers. At the same time, the airport is improving its electrical distribution system. Electrical renovation however, can create disruption. Disruption in an airport is unacceptable, as it not only creates delays for passengers, but also impacts cargo and emergency operations where downtime is not an option.
      With that in mind, Geneva Airport sought a reliable partner- one that understands the pressures of a global, 24/7 working environment, and one that can deliver trustworthy, innovative solutions in highly sensitive environments.


      The solution

      Schneider Electric has been a partner and supplier of Geneva Airport for many years. In 2011, Geneva Airport began its exclusive MEGA project (Modernisation Electrical Geneva Airport) together with Schneider Electric. This began with a complete renovation and installation of a new medium voltage system- from transformers to distribution equipment to monitoring software. The project also introduced low voltage cabinets throughout the site, which enabled airport staff to centralize all energy information and generate accurate energy reports.

      Expansion can be expensive, and cost efficiency was also a top priority for the Geneva Airport team. Their goal was to improve the efficiency and safety of the airport’s on-site electrical distribution system, so they took the opportunity to also upgrade their control panels.
      Meticulous and trustworthy, Schneider Electric is, and continues to be, a reliable partner for the Swiss airport. Providing innovative and cost-effective solutions that ensure well executed, high-tech renovation, Schneider Electric is improving technology and passenger experience at the Geneva Airport without impacting day-to-day operations.


      “At Geneva Airport, we strive to always offer to our passengers an enjoyable and efficient experience that starts within the parking lot and ends while boarding the plane.”
      Florian Cochard, Head of Electrical Services, Geneva Airport

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