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    Emergency Power Supply System Test Solution for Hospitals

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    The continuity of electrical power is vital for the lives and safety of patients, so hospitals must have back-up power or emergency power supply (EPS) systems. Without a reliable way to test these systems, there's no way to guarantee that they will work properly in an emergency. Unfortunately, manual testing is time-consuming and inefficient, and data collected manually is not readily available for reporting and analysis.
    • Solutions

      The EPSS Test Solution from Schneider Electric is an automated system for testing Emergency Power Supply (EPS) systems.

      By monitoring and controlling the key elements of the EPS system, it collects data and provides control over various points in the EPS system (including generators and associated automatic transfer switches), simplifying the testing process while ensuring a reliable back-up power system for your hospital and patients.

    • Value Proposition

      The EPSS Test Solution improves overall patient safety by ensuring reliable back-up power during utility outages, and is regulatory compliant, providing periodic automated reports as requested by authorities.

    • Differentiation

      Unlike manual testing, the automated testing process used by EPSS Test Solution ensures that:

      • Tests are run properly (length of test, equipment involved, etc.)
      • Accurate data is gathered from every required point in the system
      • Every required test parameter is included
      • Data can be easily analyzed and collated for all required reports
      • Tests are easier for staff to manage and less disruptive to operations


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      • 99.99% reliability
      • Reduces testing and reporting time by 30%