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    Solutions for gas processing & LNG facilities

    Electrical Distribution Equipment

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    Your business hinges on continuous operation and maximized safety
    It is critical that your processes are remain efficient, reliably operating, and low cost. In order to maximize revenue, you need a robust and reliable solution to your electrical distribution needs. You also need to ensure the safety of any workers that are around your electrical equipment.
    • Solutions

      From Gas-Insulated medium voltage switchgear and low voltage motor controllers, to simple safety switches and transformers, Schneider Electric provides a complete solution of low footprint, reliable, and innovative electrical distribution equipment to suit your needs.

    • Value Proposition

      • Unequaled standard in quality and reliability of electrical distribution equipment
      • Environmentally isolated equipment built to withstand the harshest environments
      • Transparent-ready components enabling complete control and automation of your network
    • Differentiation

      • Over 100 years of experience in the supply and service of electrical distribution equipment
      • Dedicated engineering and support teams to translate your needs and specifications into cost effective solutions
      • Seamless integration of solutions from medium voltage to low voltage in pre-fabricated Power Zone Centers
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    You need reliable power and complete control of your electrical distribution in order to maximize efficiency, ensure worker safety, and extend the life of your equipment. Innovative gas-insulated switchgear and arc-resistant Switchgear provide a perfect blend of economy, robustness, and technology for your applications. These products and a complete understanding of your needs makes Schneider Electric an ideal partner for your low voltage and medium voltage electrical solutions.


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      Leverage our expertise in low voltage and medium voltage to simplify your system

      Benefit from superior services and support of electrical distribution switchgear

    • Time is money, finance, time management, sustainability.

      Reduce maintenance with equipment designed for extended periodic maintenance cycles

    • Broadband, speed, network, Power to the cloud, internet of things, cloud service providers.

      Control your distribution utilizing network-enabled intelligent equipment

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      Meet both cost and space constraints by starting multiple motors with one reduced voltage soft start

      Arc-resistant Type 2 and 2B equipment available

      Reduce size and total cost of your installation using gas-insulated medium voltage switchgear