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Residential and Small Business

Light Switches and Electrical Sockets

Light Switches and Sockets: Flush Mounted


Wiring devices combined with remarkable design and broad functions. A flexible, attractive and features-rich wiring device range that comes in a variety of designs and finishes, featuring more than 150 practical functions.

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Merten M-Plan

Clear essentials. -

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Merten Artec

The clean lines. -

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Merten Inserts

QuickFlex flush-mounted insert for Merten switches. Universal inserts for all Merten ranges

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Merten M-Smart

The standard range - nice and solid. -

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Merten M-Star

First-class design covers in satin silver, chrome and blankmessing for System M. Real metal – high quality

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Merten Antique / Artec / Trancent

Classical Merten switch series with high-quality materials. -

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Merten System M

A range of switches, socket-outlets and boxes with unlimited possibilities. Merten System M is a switch range that offers flexibility and a great variety of functions, comfort, efficiency, and is the ideal solution for all living spaces.

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EPIC Organizer

Entertainment, Power, Information, connectivity. Entertainment, Power, Information, connectivity

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PK Plug & Socket ( Extra- Low voltage)

-. This particularly complete range of plugs, which are solid, well-sealed and resistant to chemical agents With voltages 20V to 50V & variable Frequencies from 50to 500Hz

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Robust light switches based on a slim design, featuring vibrant colors and practical functions . Bringing comfort, lighting and heating control to the home, the Sedna light switches and electrical sockets feature a wide range of practical, innovative, and easy-to-install solutions that offer increased connectivity and maximum safety in the home

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Forward thinking switch design for forward thinking people. The NEO range of wiring devices and control systems is the ideal marriage of form and function.

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Where immaculate aesthetics meet outstanding functionality. The ULTI light switches impress in every sense. They delight the senses and raise the concept of comfort to a new level. Integrating comprehensive home control technology, and featuring ultra-clean lines, a sleek square profile, and an instantly identifiable round dolly, the ULTI collection is THE reference in terms of beauty and ingenuity, creating unprecedented modern simplicity.

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A light switch that pushes the boundaries. Known affectionately as the ‘Slim Rocker’, the Pieno concept is based on a slim profile and features a jumbo dolly. Furthermore, this sleek range of light switches, which is based on an uncluttered design, incorporates innovative “Sure Click” technology, offering flutter-free switching for improved durability and reliability.

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Premium Switches and sockets. The Ultimate range of wiring devices features subtle curved profiles and minimal back projections carefully designed to ensure ease of installation.

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Standard wiring accessories. Standard wiring accessories

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The revolutionary full flat switch for a trendy interior design. ZENcelo is a range of aesthetically pleasing flat switches with a smaller footprint

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A switch and socket set with the style and modern simplicity of the Bauhaus movement. Vivace is a range of switches and sockets built for style and function for modern interior design.

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Light Switches and Sockets: Weatherproof and Dedicated Application