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Process Bus and IEC 61850-9.2 LE

Available in Easergy MiCOM Px40 protection relays

Designed for digital substations with demanding protection applications in utilities, Easergy MiCOM Px40 series with Process Bus offers a reliable solution compliant to latest standards of IEC 61869 and IEC 61850 9-2 LE including PRP redundancy and cyber security. Available in Easergy MiCOM feeder protection, line differential protection, distance protection, busbar protection and transformer protection.

Process Bus and IEC 61850-9.2 LE
  • Features

    Our GIS can be equipped with current sensors of the ROGOWSKI or optical types, voltage sensors of the capacitive technology, for both protection and measurement purposes.

    These modern sensors open promising perspectives in terms of industrialisation, standardisation, interoperability and overall operational performances (accuracy, bandwidth). Our solutions comply with the latest requirements of the IEC 61850 8-1 and 9-2.



      Up to 40% cost savings on protection and control installations
      - Raw materials significantly reduced, copper reduction with Ethernet cables
      - Cubicle engineering and wiring verification reduced by as much as 70%

      Improved safety of your personnel
      - Replacing analog with digital sampled values, with the inherent isolation from the primary circuit allows dangerous levels of voltage and current to be completely eliminated from the protection cubicle
      - Safer, even in the case of maintenance or replacement, signals are as simpler and safer to connect and reconnect

      Full interoperability in multi-vendor systems
      - Complete multi vendor environment thanks to full compliance with process bus latest standards IEC 61869 & IEC 61850-9-2 LE

      Improved reliability & availability of the protection network
      - Ethernet standardization brings redundancy and security of the communication channel so that you are never without mission critical process bus data
      - Process bus can be combined with PRP (Parallel Redundancy) in Easergy MiCOM Px40 series
      - Combine with our advanced cyber security features, like RBAC means all that data has not only redundancy, but is also fully secured to the latest international security standards