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Acti 9 iCM B, D, E, C, V, A

Rotary handle, DIN rail linear selector switches

A range of rotary handle and key operated linear selector switches, including voltmeter and ammeter

Acti 9 iCM B, D, E, C, V, A
  • Features

    Thanks to its exclusive features, the Acti 9 range for low voltage DIN rail system provides absolute safety and better continuity of service.
    • VisiSafe: for safe operation and maintenance work on circuits.
    • Class-2 insulation: continuous safety for operators and non-qualified personnel.
    • VISI-TRIP: detects faulty Miniature Circuit-Breaker outgoers quickly and reduces intervention time.
    • Fully immune add-on Residual Current Devices: better continuity of service, in particular for polluted networks and environments.
    • The Reflex iC60 all-in-one concept, a one-piece combined unit integrating a circuit-breaker + contactor + impulse relay.
    • Total coordination guaranteed by Schneider Electric.
    • Optimised design time, in particular for lighting solutions in buildings.
    • 50% fewer connections with the Reflex iC60 all-in-one concept
    • Flexible, upgradeable solutions and simple operations
      - Easier status diagnosis via product front face indications
      - Multiclip distribution systems suitable for upgrading electrical facilities, add-ons, adaptation, phase balancing, etc.
      - Easy to adapt to constraints and last-minute changes in the tertiary and industrial fields
      - Operating and control mode selection
      - Building management system interfacing
    • Limitation of intervention costs on remote structures thanks to the new automatic remote control auxiliary.
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    • iCMB: two-pole selector switch with zero setting that allows manual control of a circuit with 2-way operation and a stop position 
    • iCMD: 4-way selector switch that allows control of a circuit with operating priorities 
    • iCME: 2-way selector switch used primarily for controlling low voltage/low current electronic circuits 
    • iCMC: 2-way key-actuated selector switch, permitting locking in either position 
    • iCMV: This 7-position voltmeter selector switch makes it possible, with a single voltmeter, to measure in succession the voltages (phase-to-phase and phase-to-neutral) of a three-phase circuit 
    • iCMA: This 4-position ammeter selector switch makes it possible, with a single ammeter (using current transformers), to measure in succession the currents of a three-phase circuit.


    Examples applications for iCMB/D/E:
    iCMB: electrically controlled hoist:

    -          Position 1 = raise
    -          Position 0 = stop
    -          Position 2 = lower
    iCMD: fan control:
    -          Position 0 = stop
    -          Position 1 = override operation, slow speed
    -          Position 2 = override operation, high speed
    -          Position 3 = remote control
    -          Position 4 = automatic operation.
    iCME: Voltage range from 30 mV to 600 V AC.


    • Reflex iC60 DIN rail integrated control circuit-breaker
    • iC60 DIN rail MCB 4 poles. VisiTrip fault indicator
    • iC60 Din rail MCBs & Multiclip splitter blocks