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Acti 9 Smartlink Modbus

Smartlink Modbus, slave version

Acti 9 Smartlink Modbus Slave and Acti 9 Smartlink Ethernet are rapid-to-install, communication system modular interfaces that allow operators to remotely meter, monitor and control the essential functions of one or more distribution panels

Acti 9 Smartlink Modbus
  • Features

    A unique innovation, to easily transfer data between a digital network and devices located in final switchboards :
    > status and alarms from protections
    > remote controls to contactors
    > metered values.

    > Optimize energy consumption, enable energy efficiency

    • Collect and analyze data from energy meters in each area, for each type of load or circuit
    • Automate, schedule, and control operation of loads to optimize energy consumption

    > Increase continuity of supply, power availability

    • Get immediate, precise warning in case of power loss
    • Make evolution of your equipment quick and easy

    > Allocate costs

    • Meter energy use, from large areas or sectors to individual loads

    ... and it’s never been easier to connect!



    This simple, fast-to-install communications module rapidly enables the monitoring, control and metering of Acti 9 modules in distant distribution panels. It centralizes control and energy meter data collection using a simple, ready-to-connect communication module.

    The numerous benefits of this smart and efficient remote monitoring and control module include:

    • Optimization of energy consumption, enabling increased energy efficiency
    • The collection, visualization and analysis of data from energy meters for individually monitored/controlled circuits in multiple distribution panels
    • The automation, scheduling and control of remote equipment to optimize energy consumption and reduce operation costs
    • Maximal continuity of service and power availability
    • Instant, precise and detailed warnings in the event of power loss
    • The simplicity of upgrading existing installations for remote monitoring and control.


    Essentially for industrial and commercial applications requiring:

    • Protection monitoring
    • Load control switching
    • Energy metering.