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ReactiVar Fixed Power Factor Capacitors

Reactive power compensation for fixed load.


ReactiVar Fixed Power Factor Capacitors
  • Features

    The ReactiVar® dry fixed capacitors are ideally suited for power factor correction in applications where the load does not change or where the capacitor is switched with the load, such as the load side of a motor contactor. ReactiVar capacitors are available up to 100 kVAR as individual units, and up to 200 kVAR in banks. Assemblies are available in unfused, or fused with 3 fuses and 3 blown fuse indicators.

    • Fused and unfused applications
    • Up to 200 kVAR, 600V
    • Dry, low loss self-healing Metalized Polypropylene Cell Design
    • CSA and CSA-US Certified
    • Available in indoor (Type 1) and outdoor (Type 3R) enclosures