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0-10V Analog Output Unit

Deliver energy savings by harnessing ambient light, lowering light level in response to a load shed signal, or simply dimming during unoccupied periods.


0-10V Analog Output Unit
  • Features

    The C-Bus™ Analog Output Unit provides four channels of analog 0-10 V DC that can be used as the control signals for various peripheral devices, including electronically dimmable fluorescent lighting ballasts.

    This analog output unit can sink or source current as appropriate for the connected load, and produces 0 to 10 V in response to commands from the C-Bus network.

    Each channel can be individually turned ON or OFF at the unit or by C-Bus commands, and each can drive multiple loads. All channels also can be turned ON or OFF remotely without C-Bus network communication.

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    • Produces four independently controllable channels of 0-10 V DC for controlling dimmable lighting ballasts or other loads
    • Each channel can sink or source current and drive multiple loads
    • Two RJ-45 connectors facilitate quick connections to the C-Bus network and between similar units
    • Individual channels can be turned ON/OFF at unit, via C-Bus commands, and through a remote override option
    • Unit and C-Bus LEDs show the status of the unit and the network
    • Non-volatile memory stores operating status for recovery from a power outage
    • 120 V or 277 V AC models available


    • Commercial Buildings
    • Residential Market
    • Commercial Office Buildings