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Saturn DLT Keypad

C-Bus™ Saturn Keypads with Dynamic Labeling Technology (DLT)


Saturn DLT Keypad
  • Features

    C-Bus™ Saturn™ Keypads with Dynamic Labeling Technology™ (DLT) combine a Saturn style cover plate, programmable keypad buttons, and easily customized labels on a backlit LCD screen for a unique approach to controlling lighting and electrical services.
    These keypads are designed to be easy to install, customize, and use. By virtue of the variety of button configurations available, one compact Saturn Keypad with DLT can take the place of many single-operation switches, ON/OFF toggles, dimmers, and timers.
    The five keypad buttons are lit with cool blue LEDs that complement the keypad's sleek lines and show the status of controlled devices.

    Color Options: Black, Mocha, White, Cream, Stainless Steel


    Multi-Functional Capabilities

    • Button configurations include multi-point switching and dimming, master ON/OFF switching, and scene settings.
    • Keypads have five physical buttons, four control buttons and one scroll/page button, combined with two screens of labels, for a total of eight control buttons and two scroll/page buttons.
    • Scene control includes ten group addresses per scene, four scenes per keypad
    • Independent timers available for each button
    • Button LEDs can be used as locator lights in the dark
    • Time clock can be displayed at the bottom of the screen
    • Displays up to 8 languages from a set of more than 65

    Functional Aesthetics

    • 64 x 128 pixel LCD screen with a white backlight
    • Editable LCD labels, available for each button or control group, can display text, symbols, and graphics
    • Dynamic graphic displays, such as bar graphs, can be enabled or disabled
    • Bitmaps can be downloaded for each group address or scene
    • Clean-lined low-profile keypads are wall mounted without external fittings

    Distributed Intelligence

    • Compatible with all Clipsal devices and the Powerlink NF3000G3C controller
    • Configured by using Learn Mode or a personal computer connected to the network