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Easergy T300

A powerful Remote Terminal Unit for feeder automation

Remote control and monitoring for energy distribution automation

Easergy T300
  • Features

    The new benchmark in power distribution automation.

    Easergy T300 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is a modular platform of hardware and firmware, and an application building block for Medium Voltage and Low Voltage public distribution network management. It offers a single solution for control and monitoring, from a simple pole-top device to a large MV/ MV or MV/LV substation.
    Flexible communication to control centres and wider networks
    • Standard and more secure protocols: IEC 101/104, DNP3, IEC 61850, Modbus
    • Open peer-to-peer communication for self-healing applications
    • Flexible communication media: Ethernet, USB, GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G, RS232/485...
    • Open to third party devices with many protocol capabilities
    • Wi-Fi connectivity for local operation
    Strengthen cyber security management 
    • Compliance with IEC 62351 and IEEE P1686
    • SCADA communication security and Wi-Fi access
    • Local and remote access control based on RBAC
    • Connection security for maintenance (local and remote): HTTPS, SSH
    • Protocol security for file transfer: SFTP
    Medium Voltage network management 
    • Advanced fault current detection for networks with distributed generation
    • MV voltage monitoring and broken conductor detection
    • Flexible centralized or decentralized automation (FDIR) system with IEC 61131 software PLC
    • LV Power measurement according to IEC 61557-12
    • LV Power quality according IEC 61000-4-30 Class S
    • Manages up to 24 Load Break Switches
    Transformer, Medium Voltage and Low Voltage network monitoring
    • LV broken conductor detection
    • LV Power measurement according to IEC 61557-12
    • LV Power quality according IEC 61000-4-30 Class S
    • Transformer temperature monitoring
    Backup power supply range for control and monitor application

    The Easergy T300 back-up power supply is designed for power interruptions in order to maintain control and monitoring of the MV substation during the outage.

    Remote and local maintenance with simple tools
    • Embedded web server compatible with PC, Smartphone and tablet computers
    • Remote communication network, local ETH or Wi-Fi access
    • Firmware and remote/local database update security
    • Full Web applications for substation and RTU asset management
    • Simple configuration update on site, due to modular construction


    • Reduce MV and LV outage durations (SAIDI)
    • Manage voltage regulations with accuracy
    • Synchronize voltage measurements on the feeder in order to facilitate distributed generation integration
    • Measure the MV and LV power quality according to EN 50160
    • Manage MV and LV energy growth (peak shaving)
    • Reduce technical and non-technical losses
    • Reduce CAPEX with a single, multi-application, modular offer
    • Optimize asset management and the equipment lifespan


    • Underground MV/MV and MV/LV substation control and monitoring
    • Overhead load break switch (LBS) control
    • Pad-mounted and overhead transformer monitoring
    • MV line and end-of-line voltage monitoring
    • LV network distribution monitoring
    • Distributed energy resources control and monitoring


    • Easergy HU250 - Head Unit
    • Easergy SC150 - Switch controller
    • Easergy T300 - OVR cabinet
    • Easergy LV150 - Transformer and Low Voltage monitoring
    • Easergy T300 - IVR cabinet