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500 Vdc Thermal-magnetic Circuit Breakers

Direct Current (dc-rated) Circuit Breakers

Thermal-magnetic protection for ungrounded systems up to 500 Vdc nominal (600 Vdc maximum) from 30A - 2500A.

500 Vdc Thermal-magnetic Circuit Breakers
  • Features

    Systems that use batteries as a power source, such as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), require special consideration when specifying overload protection. Square D® 500 Vdc thermal magnetic circuit breakers are designed per UL Supplement SC for use in an ungrounded dc system using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), with a nominal voltage of 500 Vdc or a maximum (floating) voltage of 600 Vdc.


    • Low magnetic trip settings provide increased protection for equipment and batteries during a short-circuit
    • Adjustable instantaneous trip readily accessible as a single adjustment on the face of the circuit breaker (except the PAF-DC and PCF-DC which have fixed magnetic settings)



    • Crane & Hoist
    • Data Centers
    • Healthcare Facilities
    • Metals
    • OEM Commercial
    • Solar Installations