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    IoT World Forum Review

    Our CTO Prith Banerjee and other Schneider Electric executive leaders share how IoT solutions are bringing the unprecedented levels of connectivity, efficiency, sustainability, reliability & safety to your operations.

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      IoT World Forum 2016 Get ready for the 2016 IoT World Forum – see highlights from past events, watch keynotes from selected speakers, and explore details of presented sessions and the research symposium. Discover more
    • Delivering value fueled by the IoT How we enable our customers to achieve more in the IoT era. Download presentation of this Video
    • Leveraging IoT to solve age-old problems in innovative ways Customers don´t ask us to implement IoT, they ask for help solving business challenges. Download presentation of this Video
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      Transforming Workplace efficiency See how we are leverage IoT in the smartest, most sustainable buildings in the world. Download presentation
    • IoT is more than a collection of products Hear insights from Prith Bannerjee, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Schneider Electric
    • An evolution in technology – a revolution in business results Jarrett Campbell explains how  IoT benefits our customers and highlights real business outcomes

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