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    Smart distribution system switching and power optimization solutions.

    Smart distribution system switching and power optimization solutions.

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    Utilities are challenged to improve reliability and drive down costs. Feeder Automation seeks to improve both distribution network reliability and power quality for the consumer while also optimizing asset life and the economy of power delivery for the utility. Today's utility needs solutions that can start with simple remote control and bi-directional communication with controllable devices and easily expand into reliable automatic operations.
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    Feeder Automation Solutions

    Solutions for network switching and power optimization.

    Why work with Schneider Electric

    • Distribution icon Automated switching and reclosing dramatically improve restoration times for feeder outages, reducing both SAIDI and SAIFI, and simplifying the process of restoration for field crews. Ultimately reducing crew work locations, saving time and money for each and every outage.
    • Distribution icon Enabling Automatic Voltage and VAR optimization on the Distribution system reduces both losses and demand, allowing the utility to manage peak demand events and emergency events in the most economic manner possible. Reducing the energy spend of the utility and ensuring power delivery within regulatory requirements.


    • Blue lightning icon Feeder localized switch automation and coordination offers the fastest response to faulted circuits and restoring customer supply.
    • Blue Graph Down icon Reliable and enclosed switchgear, combined with automated switching schemes, can improve service reliability while actually reducing the number of switch and recloser installations per feeder and across the system.
    • Default Alternative Text VAR Optimization and Voltage Regulation offer incredible economic benefits depending on the distribution system topology and the types of consumers that are connected.
    • Blue man icon Schneider Electric's Power Systems Engineering team holds professional license in all 50 states. Our Energy Application Center (EAC) and Field Services Teams deliver a wide range of automation project support including consulting, engineering, installation and management.
    • Blue money icon Each utility has feeders in different stages of automation enablement, and a surgical approach to planning can enable incredible results. Reducing OPEX while minimizing CAPEX.
    • Default Alternative Text Easergy Feeder Automation platform can streamline connections between field devices and the control center and enable advanced functionality for your most challenging issues, integrating multiple supplier equipment.