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    We change how power is generated and enhance conventional plants, integrate renewables and build microgrids

    Power Generation

    • Renewable monitoring

      Improving renewable farm availability thanks to a complete monitoring software suite.

    • Enel Green Power Hellas

      Schneider Electric integrated solutions shine at the Greek solar parks.

    • Preparing for Distributed Energy Resources

      How can real-time, software-based network modeling enable accurate forecasting, monitoring, control, and analysis of distributed energy on the grid.

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      Windmills and solar panels with sunset in background, solar energy, renewable energy, wind energy.
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      Utilities must optimize and run safe and efficienct conventional power plants while increasing renewable portfolios, integrating wind and solar systems into existing platforms and managing the consequences of intermittent and distributed resources.

      Why work with Schneider Electric

      • Default Alternative Text Generate more clean power We can help you efficiently manage your geographically diverse renewable generation portfolio in line with demand.
      • Default Alternative Text Eliminate congestion from distributed generation Our experts can fine-tune the production of decentralized energy and ensure smooth power delivery.