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    EcoStruxure™ Building Expert

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    • EcoStruxure™ Building Expert Brochure

      Schneider Electric has leveled the playing field with EcoStruxure™ Building Expert (formerly known as SmartStruxure Lite). Now, owners of smaller buildings can enjoy the same building automation benefits that large buildings have enjoyed for years. Learn how EcoStruxure™ Building Expert reduces energy costs and creates a better environment for occupants and customers

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    • EcoStruxure™ Building Expert Datasheet

      EcoStruxure™ Building Expert is fully programmable and enables local and remote management of HVAC, lighting and metering in small- to medium-sized buildings.

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    • A Framework for Converting Hotel Guestroom Energy Managemnet into ROI White Paper

      Guestroom energy consumption accounts for between 40 and 80% of energy use within the hospitality industry. This paper analyzes room energy management approaches that accommodate both guest comfort and efficiency.

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    • EcoStruxure™ Building Expert Catalog

      Download the complete product catalog.

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    Building control for small and medium commercial buildings

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    Conventional wisdom is that wireless is limited and can t handle large spaces, but that just isn t true anymore

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    EcoStruxure™ Building Expert Online Product Selection Tool

    View the EcoStruxure™ Building Expert product portfolio or select your products.

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    • Smart Energy Management for Any Size Building

      We have a building control solution to fit your needs, no matter what size building you operate.

    • Employing our own technology to our own facilities

      Schneider Electric's Montreal site implemented our own state-of-the-art building management solutions to include wireless technologies, daylight harvesting, on-demand ventilation, and more.